Community Engagement

· Alyssa Ideboen
To build a community who have passion around a product, you have to be comfortable getting up and talking about what makes your organization different. That's where I come in - I help champion a product to relevant communities and foster excitement. I share features and functionality of products, introduce opportunities for business improvement, and best of all - create a positive brand experience. 

Innovative Content Marketing

· Alyssa Ideboen
What happens when you have a complex product offering, and you want to show it off? You build pillar content (ie this sample article) and pivot it to fit within your go-to-market strategy. In this case, the product we worked to share fell strongly into the Digital Transformation category. The product positioning developed into a framework in which I was able to execute across a broad market targeting several different personas. Read the example. 

Product Marketing Management

· Alyssa Ideboen
I've brought multiple software and technology products to market - but this one stands out. We simply gave the market what they asked for - an industry-recognizable course and certification that had academic rigor and career changing impacts. The SANS Security Awareness Professional was a labor of love that saw IMMENSE interest and engagement from the start, both with the press push and WoM marketing strategy. I worked on both sides of product and communications to bring this offering to the market.

Comprehensive Marketing Professional

· Alyssa Ideboen
To me, as a marketer, you need to be able to roll out a marketing plan, and then you need to be IN the trenches with your team help making each and every part of the marketing plan a success. Such is the case with this example...we had a major campaign unveiling a new facility, and an actor pulled out the last minute for this product promo video. As this piece was supposed to be the corner stone for every channel (blog, website, SEM, paid and organic social, etc.), and a fairly large budget at stake...I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in to do her part. Sometimes in creating the roadmap you have to jump in and play other parts as well. Watch the video to check out this promotional video to s

Security Awareness Report

· Alyssa Ideboen
A good marketing strategy means getting the most out of your personas needs and wants. The sample shows an in-depth analysis report I created and executed for an executive persona for the security awareness industry. The report includes data gathered from marketing events, online surveys, and optimized on data gathered for another report from earlier in the year.

Why It's Hard to Get a Marketing Job

· Keith Fawcett
An infographic created for MarketingHive's first blog post.