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Have you ever found a job you really wanted, but you didn't know if you could do it?

One of my friends was talking to me last week about this. She said she knew she could handle her boss's job with ease (her boss was moving to another department), she was good with the operational work (this was a job outside of the marketing industry), felt confident about managing a team, but was worried she didn't have enough experience talking to their partners. 

She was super nervous that if she stepped into this role she would fail.

I gave her the same advice I use on myself....which is: always take a job or career that "bothers" you a little bit. Some part of the work or the situation should be new and foreign to you. It'll make you stretch, and in three months you'll wonder why you were worried. Our human brains adapt surprisingly well to weird/different situations, and it will be a chance to grow your experience just enough for the next thing down your career's journey.

What do you guys think?

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